Business For Business Service Marketing

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Business to Business Service Marketing

Executive summary

The following report will give a description of the music industry and the good and the bad aspects of spotify. We will then analyze how Spotify can outcome the risks it faces and future goals it could take in continuing our success in the online music streaming business.

Through using of the marketing mix the gaps model and CRM we can closely identify the key features for Spotify 's improvement both in the digital service market but also for in current and potential consumers.


As you know Spotify is an online music streaming service that was launched in 2008.(Spotify for Dummies Introduction). Since, our launch Spotify has over 12.5 million subscribers currently boasts a library of around 15 million music tracks and about 50 million users (Spotify Press 2015). Spotify is a service and "services are deeds processes and performances (Business Service Marketing Page 5) our service provides consumers with music to suit their needs. Though Spotify still sour behind some of the higher end contenders, Pandora being the current market leader, therefore it important to understand how Spotify has managed to succeed in the music streaming industry thus far.

Let us look at first of all at the digital music industry which consists of two markets these are the streaming markets which has various different competitors and the digital download markets.If we look at…

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