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ECON2209, Business Forecasting, 2014 S1 Course Project (14% + 3% in Total) 1. This project has a value of 14% of the total assessment. In addition, there is a teamwork component worth 3%. The teamwork mark will be based on the online self and peer assessment (see Teamwork Assessment section at the end of this document). 2. This project must be completed in a group of 3 or 4 students. The members of a group come from the same tutorial class. Groups have been alphabetically assigned. Each group is identified by a class number (e.g. Class 2649) and a group number (e.g. Group 2). Please check the spreadsheets in “courseProjectGroups” to see the group you belong to. Each group must select one person to submit the project. Each group…show more content…
Your task is to analyse the data and provide answers to the above questions. While your client does not use any technical jargons, you realise that the answer to Part (a) requires the construction of a proper econometric model for the historical building approvals, which will in turn produce the answer to Part (b). Your report should have four sections. The “Executive Summary” section should contain a summary of your answers and conclusions to the client’s questions. In the “Main Report” section, you should report how you analyse the data, build and check the model, and produce the answers and conclusions. This section justifies the contents of “Executive Summary”. In the “Further Issues” section, you should comment on the likely shortcomings of your results. The “Appendix” section should hold the set of EViews commands used in your analysis. Further you do want to impress your client by delivering a nicely presented report. Hints • • • • • • • • • • Total length of your completed project, including all discussions, tables, graphs, EViews commands, and the cover page, should not exceed 12 pages. The marks are distributed as: 1 mark for Executive Summary, 11 marks for Main Report, 1 mark for Further Issues, and 1 mark for Appendix and overall presentation. Use the principles/models/techniques up to the end of BF-09 and the end of Chapter 10 of the textbook (inclusive). The project

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