Business Functions : General Management And Management

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BUSINESS FUNCTIONS: GENERAL MANAGEMENT & MANAGEMENT: THEORETICAL – Management is very important when it comes to a business. Management is the process of working with other people to achieve business goals. In management you get managers; a manager is someone who can plan, lead, organise and controls the assigning of employees, finances and physical resources of the business. Managers must pull up a business policy which includes a mission, vision, goals and objectives and even strategies for the future of the business. Some aims of managers are to improve productivity of the factors of production, maximise profits and motivate staff so that they make the working environment pleasant and enjoyable. You get three levels of management; top…show more content…
A leader activates employees, inspires them to take action and also to do their jobs to their full ability. Control - You need to control to make sure things are going as plan and correcting any problems by setting strategies. By controlling you close the gaps between the actual performance and the preferred performance by setting strategies too. Lower level management - Include supervisors and so they supervise employees, lead and control them and co-ordinate activities, it’s when operational decisions occur. Lower level management also known as Frontline management are responsible for smaller work areas, they make short term routine decisions; an example is a supervisor In management you get different types of leadership styles which include Autocratic, Democratic, Laissez-Faire and Charismatic. Autocratic is a dictator and there’s no input from workers whereas Democratic is an open management and the manager encourages workers to share ideas and there’s lots of communication. Laissez-Faire is where there’s little guidance to workers and believes when people are left to manage things themselves they excel more. Lastly Charismatic leadership is when it gathers followers due to personality and charm. MOVIE – In the movie management is very important as it is a big company and needs a good management to be successful. In the management we see that Miranda is the editor-in-chief of Runway magazine and that there’s an autocratic leadership style. With
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