Business Future

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Adverse economic conditions could cause network operators to postpone investments or initiate other cost-cutting initiatives to improve their financial position. This could result in significantly reduced expenditures for network infrastructure and services, in which case our operating results would suffer. We have established flexibility to cost-effectively accommodate fluctuations in demand. However, if demand were to fall in the future, we may experience material adverse effects on our revenues, cash flow, capital employed and value of our assets and we may even incur operating losses. If demand is significantly weaker or more volatile than expected, this may have a material adverse impact on our credit rating, borrowing opportunities…show more content…
* Increased difficulties in forecasting sales and financial results as well as increased volatility in our reported results. * Decline in the value of the assets in the Company’s pension plans.
Short-term volatility has an impact
Our sales to network operators represent a mix of equipment, software and services, which normally generate different gross margins. Third party products normally have lower margins than own products. As a consequence, reported gross margin in a specific period will be affected by the overall mix of products and services as well as the relative content of third party products. Network expansions and upgrades have much shorter lead times for delivery than initial network buildouts. Such orders are normally placed with short notice by customers, i.e. less than a month, and consequently variations in demand are difficult to forecast. As a result, changes in our product and service mix may affect our ability to accurately forecast sales and margins or detect in advance whether actual results will deviate from market consensus.
Convergence brings opportunity and risk
We are affected by market conditions within the telecom industry, including the convergence of the telecom, data and media industries. The convergence is largely driven by technological development related to IP-based communications. This change increases our addressable market, changes the
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