Business Goals For Bottler Company

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Identifying the processes that will help cascading the company goals is a very important task, this would help the company be aware of what needs to be done and take control of the process. The best way to start is by using a comprehensive framework such as COBIT 5. The processes enable the company to be steered in the direction set by the board, by cascading the enterprise goals to more specific processes.
In Bottler Company the processes should facilitate the alignment of the business goals of the company with the Information Technology goals.
The two major goals for Bottler Company is to become more profitable and to stay competitive to keep the innovation edge. Both can be achieved by having better IT Governance, once
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• This process requires that stakeholders are identified as we did in part 2. So that effective communication can be implemented between all stakeholders that have to be working together such as cross divisional cooperation.
• Another important aspect is to define who owns the information and what measures should be taken to protect the data.
• Another important reason why we need this process is because this manages the continual improvement of the other processes that needs to be focused on.
A set of measurements for this process are:
• Some of the measurements that can be implemented are the implementation cost and time of the ERP.
• Percent of active policies, standards and other enablers documented and up to date
• Date of last updates to the framework and enablers
• Number of risk exposures due to inadequacies in the design of the control environment
• Number of staff who attended training or awareness sessions

2. Manage Strategy: Since the IT department is going to have a big project in hand it needs to focus on managing the strategies that are going to steer the IT department. The IT department and all the employees in the department must know what is at stake for this project and the business importance of the success of the project.
• To do that first the CIO needs to understand the enterprise direction and then assess the
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