Business Goes With The Mean Data Analysis

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In this case, the business goes with the mean data analysis; the customers coming in the hotel will be within the range of 20kms. If they go with median data analysis, range will only be with in 20 and 25kms. And if the go with the mode data analysis, the range could be anything from 5 to 40kms
Identify and review a range of external sources of information (such as relevant books and articles, information on the internet, benchmarking studies) in order to conduct a qualitative analysis of comparative market data for your business. Write up the results of your qualitative analysis.
External sources of information
Results of reviewing these sources
Book name 1:Astrid N. (2004) Coffee, tea, Chocolate and the Brain, published by Taylor & Francis Ltd, London, UK
Coffee, tea, and chocolate are among the most frequently consumed products in the world. The pleasure that many experience from these food is accompanied by a range of favorable and adverse effects on the brain that have been the focus of a wealth of recent research. Coffee, Tea, Chocolate, and the Brain presents new information on the long-debated issue about the beneficial and/or potentially negative effects on the brain of the consumption of coffee, tea, and chocolate. With caffeine as the common component in these beverages and food, this volume features important data on the effects of caffeine on sleep, memory, cognition, mood, performance, and more.
Company report 2: Linder café 2014-15
Linder cafe is an…
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