Business, Government and Society

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Current Business Environment3
Business and Government5
The Legal System5
Effectiveness of the system5
Infrastructure development reform programme6
Trade and Investment liberalisation package6
Governance Reforms7
Government Information System7 Regulations 8
Tax Regulations8
Trade Regulations8
Business and Society9 Corporate Social Responsibility9 Relations10 Infrastructure11 Tapping on resources11 Research and Development11 Safe environment12
Poverty and Child Labour12

Business environment encompasses all factors that affect a company 's operations,
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Foreign direct investment, an important source of funding and technology for manufacturing, is low compared to Malaysia and Thailand. Manufacturing output growth is likely to ease to about 3% in view of the softer external demand. Lastly, the Services sector growth is expected to dip by a little over 1 percentage point to 7.5% in 2008, as retailing and finance sectors slacken. The services sector accounted for about half of GDP in 2007. In the Nonmarket Environment, Philippines has an English speaking workforce and is the third largest English speaking country in the world. This allows for efficient work communication. It is a gateway for international shipping and airlines such as FedEx and UPS. Philippines is accessible by air within four hours to major Asian cities like Japan, Korea, and Singapore. Businesses that have partners or are located in the Philippines can maintain round-the-clock work progress. The Filipino entrepreneurs and professionals are widely exposed to US culture, business practices and management styles. US companies like Citibank and IBM have been operating in the country. In addition, 15,000 technology students graduate from universities annually. The main source of the law is the constitution of 1987. The judiciary in Philippines though generally independent, is hampered by corruption and inefficiency. This can cause businesses to suffer. The government in general is also corrupt and inefficient and is partly why
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