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IB BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT INTERNAL ASSESSMENT (HL) HOW SHOULD BONAGERI CROPSCIENCE PVT. LTD. MODIFY ITS PROMOTION MIX FOR ITS PROPOSED LAUNCH IN RAJASTHAN? CANDIDATE NAME: SIDDHI MODI CANDIDATE SESSION NUMBER: 002760-017 WORD COUNT CONTENT PAGE ABSTRACT RESEARCH PROPOSAL * Rationale for study * Theoretical framework * Methodology * Primary and secondary research * Action Plan INTRODUCTION RESEARCH METHODOLOGY MAIN FINDINGS ANALYSIS * SWOT analysis * Lewin’s force field analysis * BCG matrix analysis CONCLUSION LIMITATIONS BIBLIOGRAPHY APPENDIX * Interview with the managing director * Survey on the customers * BCG matrix ABSTRACT With the recent profit that…show more content…
| Action plan - Date | Activity | 25th – 27th July | Made a list of firms that I could do my Internal Assessment on | 28th July | Selected the Firm I wanted to work on | 29th – 31st July | Researched the problem faced by the firm and made a research proposal | 1st August | Made a survey for the labors | 2nd – 18th August | Carry out the survey | 20th August | Compile the data | 21st – 25th August | Analyze the data | 27th August | Submit 1st draft | 30th August | Receive 1st draft, checked | 1st September | Worked on the draft | 5th September | Submitted final draft | Introduction The firm Bonageri Crop Science Pvt. Ltd. manufactures products that can be useful to farmers in obtaining a better and healthier crop. The firm specializes in this field as they are concerned about the growing population and the higher demand for basic commodities as it increases rapidly. It’s looking at expanding in India, to make sure the growing population meets its demands for food. Since it’s looking at proactive growth strategy by increase in its geographic region, it’s looking at Market Development as per the Ansoff Matrix. Market development is the most lucrative than the others S the risk is no very high and the growth substantial. The company is looking at expanding into Rajasthan. Ansoff Matrix NEW PRODUCT EXISTING PROCUCT Market penetration | Product development | Market development |
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