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Community Institute of Training is a charity organization that anticipated at delivering high-quality, negotiable priced training and skills development. Our goal is to ensure that our students practice until they accomplish. To create an innovative customer-valued offering, communicate the benefit of learning and parent supervision in a way that both parent and student will comprehend, deliver the service in a simple way that student would apprehend and maintain the relationship built between parent, child and our company so as to grow the customer base and gain future opportunities. Our motto is “Every child is unique, not only capable of learning but also capable of
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This concerns parents and by acknowledging this shortcoming numerous concerned parent will make a decision to by this services based on the need of their children. They will go an extra mile to arrange an extra coaching for their children so as to be able to reduce those excesses and to forge ahead in life.
To what degree is the service a compelling purchase for the customer?
During our market survey, we discover that there are no other tuition centers providing the specialized and targeted services to the target market, which gives our company an edge that will make it a compelling purchase for our customers and to survive for some time to come. The experienced team we have and their vast knowledge around their courses grants the company an advance ability to provide specialized services that no one else can compete with. Moreover, the service is further differentiated by the following options: one-to-one services, based on a personalized evaluation of each student to identify their specific strengths as well as their weaknesses and thereby motivate, encourage, support and boosting their confidence so as to be able to turn their weaknesses into strengths. This strategy takes into account the awareness that every child learns in various ways (Visual and orally). Furthermore,
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