Business Impact Analysis (BIA) Essay

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Introduction It is notable that the Business Impact Analysis (BIA) is a fundamental tool that provides business consistency in any enterprise. Why is it fundamental? BIA is necessary for the generation of disaster recovery plans or for ensuring that an enterprise remains consistent. It permits business directors to determine information technology processes and critical elements within an organization. In addition, a BIA describes the period required for an enterprise unit to complete and supply deliveries to its clients along with any resources necessary to continue business operations. Business Impact analysis could be relevant in multiple areas. For instance, a business impact analysis could be relevant in cloud computing. This is…show more content…
In short, Cloud computing models allow access to computer resources and information anywhere provided a connection is present. They provide shared pools of sources including networks processing power, data storage, and specialized user applications. Examples of these services include webmail, networking sites, online file storage, and online business applications. The technology under discussion has five main characteristics that enable it to run efficiently. Its first characteristic is the on-demand self-service. A consumer has the capacity to unilaterally access services in a timely fashion devoid of any human interaction with every service provider. Another trait is that the technique has a broad network access because services are available over the network. It is crucial to point out that networks are accessible via standard mechanisms that promote use of heterogeneous client platforms. Therefore, this element improves the efficiency of cloud computing. The third trait is rapid elasticity where capabilities (of access to information) can be provisioned elastically and released automatically. It follows that capabilities often appear to be unlimited hence, released to consumers at any time. The fourth characteristic of cloud computing is resource pooling where computing resources are pooled using a multi-tenant model in order to serve
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