Essay on Business Impact of the Super Bowl

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The Super Bowl has been one of the most recognizable American traditions since back in Las Angeles, 1967, when it was the American Football League versus the National Football League for Super Bowl 1. Forty-eight Super Bowls later, the tradition is still apparent. Each year families and friends gather at each others’ houses, drink beer, eat pizza, chips, and wings, and cheer on the team they want to end up on top. For years, I believe that the Super Bowl has been an over exemplified version of American values, culture, and economic reality and in my mind the Super Bowl represents expensive living, uncertainty and danger, as well as business intervention. Due to the overwhelming presence of companies, both big and small, it can be a…show more content…
Despite all these continuing increasing costs, one might predict an increase in the median household income which however was not always the case. During the 2003 year, the inflation adjusted median household income was calculated to be $54,079, with a 1.9% inflation rate. Then in 2007 the inflation rate increased to a high 4.1% but with that the median household income increased accordingly to a recent hight of $55,627. However, in spite of that, the six years following saw a sustained inflation rate from the previous year from a high of 3% in 2011 and a low of .1% in 2008 and although inflation was increasing, the median household income was steadily decreasing from its high of $55,627 in 2007 to a decade low of $51,017 in 2012. Inflation rates and household incomes such as these exhibit the weakening economic reality of Americans as these are national calculations. With numbers such as these you would not expect an increase in pretty much every other aspect such as average salary income as well as the average cost for Super Bowl tickets and a Super Bowl commercial. Depending on who you ask the economic reality, values, and culture of American’s can be vastly different. Looking at the average Joe who has seen a salary increase of $10,177 in the last 10 years, it might seem like a lot and that the American culture is shifting towards one of higher living but between higher inflation rates and a lower median household income due to high
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