Business Implications Of Social Housing

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Sector implications The one per cent annual reduction to social housing rents over past four years and other welfare reforms set out in the July Budget have left RPs with little option but to make further efficiency savings. The sector is facing a huge period of change and a range of financial pressures and we’re seeing many RPs taking action now to ensure they remain fit for the future. Over the last couple of years tenants have been fairly well protected from cost saving measures with the majority of RPs reluctant to reduce tenant services. In our 2014 survey just 16 per cent of respondents had made or were considering making cuts in this area, and just 19 per cent in 2015. Fast forward 12 months and tenants’ services are now looking…show more content…
Those employees lucky enough to receive salary rises during 2016 are likely to see a smaller increase than in previous years, with just 10 per cent of respondents expecting salary increases of two per cent or more. This is a reduction of more than 40 per cent on 2015 responses to the same question. Despite all of the cuts within the sector, it’s positive to see more than half of RPs across the country expecting salary levels to increase over the next 12 months, but the sector is clearly more cautious than in previous years and this is understandable. ‘Implementing new technology remains high up on the agenda for the sector with 87 per cent of RPs having taken or looking to take action in this area (94 per cent in 2015). With the digital first agenda building momentum within the sector we expect to see further technology implemented over the next year as RPs start to provide more services for staff and customers through mobile enabled solutions.’ Peter Lunio, Head of Social Housing Consultancy, RSM Attracting board members with the right skills and diversity mix, and those able to commit the time required to fulfil the role effectively can be difficult, particularly for some of the more complex and sizeable providers. Paying
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