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1. General Description 2. External Description 3. External View 4. Internal Description 5. Internal View 6. Further Notes 7. References

1. General Description of the Information System
Online Airplane Ticket Reservation Information System (OATRIS)

General Description
OATRIS is the system that help user to buy airplane ticket through Internet. It processes user’s preferred flight timeline and the payment. Then, transform it into e-ticket.

Users and Functions
* Input desired destination and the timeline * Check the flight availability * Choose the flight price and the payment method * Decide and make the payment * Printout the transaction
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The information presented by the system is in depth detail. First it requires user to input all the criterion of the flight. After criterion are all done inputted, the system is going to provides user with some options of the SAME flight time but on several days before or ahead, complete with the price rate that might be differed from day to day. In this case, user is given option to change the date they desired (into several days before or several days onward the date they preferred at the very first time) due to lower prices.
After user done make all the choice, the system will direct the user into payment page. Data on the payment page all can be printed as the booking and transaction evidence.

Information Stored
Customer Details: Name, address, contact number, passport number, expiry date of passport, reservation information, and payment status.

Flight details: class of flight, flight number, destination, date, time, and seat number (if any).

System Boundary

External (Outside) Components
Notification Information System
Online Payment Information System

Internal (Inside) Components Registration Processor Search Processor
Reservation Processor
Information stores

3. External View
Notification Information System
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