Business Information Systems Chapter 8

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True / False Questions 1. Integrations allow separate systems to communicate directly with each other, eliminating the need for manual entry into multiple systems. True False 2. Integrations provide enterprisewide support and data access for a firm's operations and business processes. True False 3. Enterprise application integration (EAI) connects the plans, methods, and tools aimed at integrating separate enterprise systems. True False 4. Integrations are achieved using enterprise systems —several different types of software that sit between and provide connectivity for two or more software applications. True False 5. Middleware translates information between disparate systems. True False 6. Enterprise…show more content…
Collaborative engineering automates order processes from initial customer inquiry to final product delivery. True False 30. Supply chain event management (SCEM) increases real-time information sharing among supply chain partners focusing on reducing response time to unexpected events. True False 31. The Internet can completely replace the phone and face-to-face communication with customers. True False 32. The primary difference between operational CRM and analytical CRM is the direct interaction between the organization and its suppliers. True False 33. Back-office operations deal directly with the customer. True False 34. RFM stands for Regency, Frequency, and Monetary. True False 35. The evolution of CRM is reporting, analyzing, and predicting. True False 36. List generators fall under the category of the sales department's CRM tools. True False 37. Contact management falls under the category of the customer service department's CRM tools. True False 38. Call scripting falls under the category of the sales department's CRM tools. True False 39. Customer service and support (CSS) is a part of operational CRM that automates service requests, complaints, product returns, and information requests. True False 40. Opportunity management CRM systems target sales opportunities by finding new customers or companies for future sales. True False 41. Opportunity management CRM occurs when a website has

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