Business Information Systems

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Business Information Systems Business Information Systems ASSIGNMENT ASSIGNMENT TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION PAGE 1 BODY-QUESTION ONE 1.1 PAGE 2&3 1.2 PAGES 1.3 PAGES QUESTION TWO 2.1 PAGES 2.2 PAGES 2.3 PAGES QUESTION THREE 3.1 PAGE 3.2 PAGE 3.3 PAGE 3.4 PAGE CONCLUSION PAGE REFERENCE PAGE Introduction Information systems (IS) or Business information systems deal with the development, introduction, conceptualization, utilization and maintenance of systems for computer-assisted data processing within the enterprise-wide and company networks.…show more content…
The output now will distribute information to support decision making and control in an organization. In addition to support decision making, coordination control information systems may also help managers and workers analyze problems. There are types of systems that McDonalds use such as Transaction Processing System , now McDonalds everyday sells huge amount of hamburgers, so McDonalds should order raw materials from its suppliers, each time McDonalds should place an order with its supplier, a transaction happens and the TPS records the relevant information such as the suppliers name, address, the quality of the items purchased and finally the invoice amount. McDonalds uses the Decision Support System, at first McDonalds began as a
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