Business Information Systems Of The Drugstore Retail Industry

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The Drugstore retail industry is a $31.4 Billion industry across Canada and continues to grow steadily (Industry Canada, 2015). There are many competitors in the drugstore retail market in Canada both small and large. With the entrance of large American companies such as Walmart and even their very own parent company Loblaw’s, Shoppers has been forced to be at the top of their game to stay ahead in the drug retail market. The implementation of a produce section in select locations across Canada is one of the many ways that shoppers has been adapting to this competitive industry. Due to this adaptation, the company has opened itself to a whole new group of competitors from convenience store to grocery stores. Shoppers Drug Mart tackles this competition by differentiating itself in the market by offering “prestige products” (Kwon, N. 2013) and convenience that competitors do not offer. (Our Company, 2015)
Business Information Systems
In class we have learned about various business information systems that aid in organizations experiencing more time and cost efficient solutions to internal and external challenges. At Shoppers Drug Mart, multiple business information systems are utilised to maximize profit and productivity. A transaction processing system is used at the point of sale to maintain a record of every transaction, including refunds and voids. The system records if the transaction was paid for in cash, debit, credit, or a gift card and possesses other features as…
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