Business Innovation Case Study: Portugal Telecom

1877 Words8 Pages Case study: Portugal Telecom Portugal Telecom (PT) is a global telecommunications operator with a portfolio covering all segments of the market, personal, residential, SOHO / SME, corporate and wholesale and all technological solutions, fixed, mobile, multimedia, data and corporate. With 74 million customers, PT has a diversified portfolio of assets in 14 countries, including Portugal, Brazil and high growth international markets, including the subSaharan Africa. The company has 33,000 employees of which 11,000 are in Portugal. In March 2009, PT launched the ‘Open’ project with the aim of ‘industrialising’ the innovation process, to…show more content…
One of the innovations that this model assumed in 2004 was the introduction of self-assessment and the assessment of technical competence. These two variables will allow a more detailed understanding of the technical competences of PT and the consolidation of a Knowledge Resource Directory, thus facilitating mobility processes and aligning the development/training plans with PT’s future strategy. This new dynamic system contributes towards the efficient detection, development and preservation of talents. To render operational an assessment system, based on the performance of the Company (based on Business Indicators) and on the individual performance (based on management and leadership competences, technical competences and individual indicators). To reinforce the culture of performance (attaining objectives) and excellence, to detect the development potential and to identify development opportunities (based of rotation and Professional mobility), to manage remuneration and to identify the future leaders of the organisation are the general objectives of this new model. Hereunder extracts taken from the above. PT’s Human Asset organisation aims essentially to: • Promote a culture of merit and continuous development within the

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