Business Insider Ranked Supply Chain Manager

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Business Insider ranked Supply Chain Manager as 22nd out of the 25 best jobs in America now. With the rank and favorable career growth, there is multiple Supply Chain management challenges these managers face every day. As being part of one of the sexiest company’s supply chain management team, Tesla Motors, Inc. I clearly see five challenges: Customer Service, Cost Control, Planning & Risk Management, Supplier/business partner relationship management and talent.
For Customer service, supply chain is all about proving the logistics of delivering the right products at the right time. Sounds simple but there are factors such as: reordering the product, supplier inventory is not enough, no consignment storage, delivery time not met, redesigning the planning. This challenge is effective and significant on both downstream and upstream of the process it affects the downstream as business partners are the one being effected upon the ordering and delivery of the product as without the product delivered they can’t start the next phase of their process; as for upstream this is extremely effective not just as revenue stream but to honor the continuous partnership shipping and delivering the product to customer is critical. Cost control of operating expense in direct and indirect commodity costs, logistic agile costs under pressure upon rising fuel/energy and freight cost, global business partners, technology investment, labor cost of recruits and manufacturing floor, and always the

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