Business Intelligence And Data Mining

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COMP 1615: Business Intelligence and Data Mining School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences Student Name : Sushrit Laxman Moundekar Student id : 000796184 Course Coordinator: Dr Ronan Cummins Department of Computing and Information System Table of Contents 1. INTRODUCTION 4 2. LITERATURE REVIEW 5 2.1 Business Intelligence for Retail in general 6 2.2 Business Intelligence beneficial for Retail 7 2.3 Advantages of using BI in retail 8 3. ERD/RELATIONAL SCHEMA 9 4. MOTIVATION FOR DATA MINING APPROACH 10 5. DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION 11 6. VISUALIZATION AND RESULTS 18 7. CONCLUSION 24 8. SELF-ASSESMENT 25 9. BIBLIOGRAPHY 26 List of Figures Figure 1 :…show more content…
This data can be used as a tool to not only focus on descriptive analysis and reporting but also on predictive analysis to take more steps on delivering better performance and stronger bottom-line. BI refers to the skills, process, technologies and application used to support decision making and by using this the organization can take appropriate steps towards enhancing the quality of product, quality of service thus improving their profits and expanding their business. Setting up a business in retail domain in a city like London would be very profiting as London witness’s large amount of tourists every day and as a result of which the sale of retail increases. In a city like this irrespective of the competition there is lot of profit from which the company can benefit, the company will always profit from this as customers are coming to the city on a regular basis. This domain has extreme competition as a result of which more efforts should be taken to understand the trend in which this particular business flows. London city is divided in various zones and also it has lots of supermarkets where the sale of retail good is very high, so if such areas and such stores are targeted where the sale of retail goods is high then the company can surely profit in retail sector. 2. LITERATURE REVIEW The retail industry is considered to be one of the most diverse industries in the vertical industry arena. The retail enterprise faces various challenges; challenges regarding
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