Business Intelligence And Software Techniques

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Predicting Customer Loyalty
Group 13 - Project half way report
Dr. Professor Zhe Zhang
MIS 6324 Introduction to Business Intelligence and Software techniques
Naveen Jindal School of Management, UT Dallas

Sonika Gopalkrishna
Spoorthi Medasani
Ujwala Pendem
Kirutika Thanigaivelu
Sakthi Veerabadran


Over the decades there were tremendous amount of challenges for every business. Customers have more knowledge, they have more options, and they have higher expectations. Customers are more informed with the humungous development in technology. Having more options in front of them, expectations has surpassed in retail industry. Loyalty is a customer having faith that your organization’s product or services offered is the best for them. It is the process of tapping the buying pattern of customers in a store based on their preferences. Customer loyalty is significant because it is economical to retain the old customers rather than acquiring new customers. So, organizations employ loyalty programs which reward customers for their repeat business.
ABC retailers is a retail chain with presence in New York. It sells a variety of products ranging from groceries to health and beauty in consumer market segments. During the past year, the client faced shrinking sales because of which, they offered promotions to strengthen their market presence and boost product sales. The challenge was to measure the promotional…
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