Business Intelligence Application Design For Sized And Growing Resort

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This report is the Business Intelligence Application Design for sized and growing resort: Sunshine Escapes.
In order to support the business requirements and help the decision making process by top level managers in Sunshine Escapes, this BI Application is used as solution. The organization has outlined their business needs and drivers and presented this information. As such, the development for the BI application based on current system and database from Sunshine Escapes.
The main parts for the BI solution should consider profits and bookings analyses, occupancy prediction and occupancy monitoring. To meet those business requirements, the line chart and bar chart are chosen to display the data.

This documentation is undertaken
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0 Introduction
This document contains business requirements, BI application prototype and multi-dimensional schema, Thomsen diagrams. In order to help Sunshine Escapes senior management group analyzing profits and bookings based specific factors. This BI application prototype is designed under the support of Thomsen diagrams.

1.1 Purpose
The main Purpose is to solve the business requirements from Sunshine Escapes by the BI application. To achieve the main Purpose, the Thomsen diagrams are used to support BI application. 1.2 Scope
Analysis the Business requirements from Sunshine Escapes business process, design the BI application prototype to answer the business question and design a multi-dimensional schema, Thomsen diagrams, to support prototype design.

1.3 Audience
This BI application solution aims on supporting the high level decision making and business strategies. It is facing on the senior managers in Sunshine Escapes: the board of directors, CEO and other high level managers from each departments.

2.0 Background
Sunshine Escapes was founded in 1971, is a significantly sized and growing resort company. It owns a number of resorts and hotels in tropical north Queensland. They acquired a property in Port
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