Business Intelligence ( Bi ) And Business Analytics

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Business intelligence (BI) and business analytics (BA) (sometimes used interchangeably) has revolutionized the way businesses use data and can be contrasted, for the purpose of this essay, in the following way: BI is raw data that has been transformed into meaningful information that provides historical, current, and predictive views of business operations and environment, and BA uses data and statistical methods to provide actionable information for decision makers. BI explains what is happening, identifies the issue, and provides decisions to be made and BA explains why an issue is occurring, what will occur, and what actions need to be taken. At the forefront of BI/BA technology is International Business Machines (IBM) with a very broad array of related products and services. Among the more popular products are its flagship analytics product IBM Cognos and its Predictive Customer Analytics. IBM’s Cognos Analytics allows business and IT professionals to prepare and distribute all types of business reports from all departments with an organization and access pertinent information such as financial reports, sales trends, production yields, and inventory on any device on an hourly basis. IBM also offers a Predictive Customer Intelligence solution, an integrated software which uses automation to acquire customer information such as buying behavior, web activity, and social media presence to model and “score” costumer behavior and provide customized actions so that a business
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