Business Intelligence ( Bi ) Systems And Tools

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Introduction-Business Intelligence (BI) systems and tools are utilized intensely in representing important information in an organization. It basically manages information change for making information more important and helpful from business perspective. BI systems are involved in many tasks and help to collect, store, access and analyze data for defining better processes and aid in better decision making.
The main purpose of BI is to allow easy interpretation of large chunks of data and identifying new opportunities and strategies.
Description of Business Analytics Application
SAP Business Objects
SAP BusinessObjects is a front-end business intelligence software that allows user to Design, Report and Analyze data that help in decision making process. Generally companies use the suite of tools (there are many tools within it each serving a different purpose) to utilize daily transaction data from the Client and analyze this data, create insightful reports on it and if necessary create visualizations (dashboards). Essentially these reports/dashboards drive decision making process within a company. BusinessObjects was co-founded by Bernard Liautaud and Denis Payre in 1990. It was a leading business intelligence software which allowed companies to extract information from large amount data it stores. BusinessObjects was acquired by SAP in 2008 and its software was integrated with SAP software to address the ever growing market for business intelligence.
SAP BusinessObject…

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