Business Intelligence-Business / Alignment With The Business Strategy

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Decision Support Systems (DDS’s) can greatly enhance business processes in a number of ways by enabling consistent monitoring of Business Intelligence (BI) data from a number of sources. Foremost, these sources can include former Executive Decision Support (EDS) systems, Management Information Systems (MIS), including, transactional data captured via Transactional Processing Systems (TPS), and Online Transactional Processing (OLTP) systems. This academic paper will discuss Business Intelligence, (IT)-Business/ Alignment with the Business Strategy. Also, there will be an initiative to describe both objectives and levels of strategic planning, including, how each can be supported by (DDS). Initially, we begin by discussion of Business…show more content…
76). Therefore, here we compare the more contemporary processes of (BI) to the former Traditional (BI), consequently, documented approximately just four-years ago. Specifically, “companies can use (BI) solutions to determine what questions to ask, including finding answers to them by integrating and consolidating information among numerous internal-external organizations” (Turban, Volonio, & Wood 2015, p. 100).

Additionally, it is important to understand importance of (IT) strategies supporting the Business Strategy. For example, this scenario emphasizes a requirement to familiarize management’s understanding of (IT) capabilities and inabilities (Turban, Volonio, & Wood 2015, p. 393). Therefore, if management is not familiar with (IT) capabilities, difficulties could occur when attempting to comprehend meaning and importance of information delivery, data analytics, including, data integration within the business enterprise. Furthermore, having ability to “access current performance, identify capacity and human requirements, including, clarifying the level of investment would all be both relevant and important towards (IT) strategies that support business strategy” (Turban, Volonio, & Wood 2015, p. 393).

Meanwhile, there is requirement to align (IT) with the business strategy due
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