Business Intelligence For Human Resource Management

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There are considerable of business intelligence applications in real world that are composed by the four basic elements of business intelligence to access the data [6] .see Figure above. The system of Humana Resource Management uses also business the tools ofintelligence tools. Using business intelligence for human resource management, it predicts which workers are likely to perform well; it predicts which workers are likely to get their leave, recruiting intelligently based on performance records, based on organization, turnover prediction, staff demographics.The aim of this project is precisely to work on that issue, trying to understand how HR managers can bring administrators to participate and collaborate in a BI architecture[26]. The…show more content…
[29]Moved the BI component and work of structure for an incorporated BI application. The OFBiz distribution is organized into directories and files. At the highest level is the installation or install directory. [30]This directory containing all the files needed by OFBiz to start up and run and it contains the five parent Component directories: • The work structure directory contains all the Components necessary to run OFBiz. Many of the other Components are depending on components in this directory. It is loaded at first during the initialization of the system. • The directory of applications contains Components that represent many of the business related applications packaged with OFBiz. For example, you will find the manufacturing, content management, and order management components and associated applications in this big directory. • The directory of special purpose contains yet more OFBiz packaged applications and components. • The directory of theme contains all the resources necessary to implement one or more OFBiz themes. • The directory of hot deploy intended for the placement of all new applications and components.The out of the box is empty, containing no OFBiz artifacts. These parent directories are not components in and of themselves, but rather are directories that join similar components.[27] The oorganization of components this way makes it
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