Business Intelligence Is The Gathering And Analysis Essay

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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is the gathering and analysis of large amounts of information so as to gain insights that propagate strategic and tactical business decisions. Business Intelligence is the mix of the processes and technologies which change data into information. It includes a wide category of technologies, including data warehousing, multidimensional analysis or online analytical processing, data mining and visualization, as well as basic queries and multiple types of analytical tools for reporting. These technologies allow business stakeholders to collect, store, access, and do the analysis of data to improve the business decision-making capabilities.
Business intelligence goes in hand with other organization application areas like data mining and data warehousing.
Data warehousing
Data warehousing is defined as the design and operation of processes and tools to manage and deliver complete, timely, accurate, and understandable data for decision making. It includes all the activities that make it possible for an organization to create, manage, and maintain a data warehouse or data mart. Data warehousing majorly deals with managing the development, the implementation, and the operation of a data warehouse or data store. It includes data management, data acquisition, data archiving, data cleansing, storage management, data integration, data distribution, security management operational reporting, analytical reporting, backup and recovery planning,
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