Business Intelligence Necessity

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According to Shollo and Kautz (2010, p. 1), business intelligence is defined as ‘a process, a product, and as a set of technologies, or a combination of these’. Input from a wide range of corporate stakeholders is essential to implement an effective corporate business intelligence strategy. The purpose of a corporate business intelligence strategy is to aid business with planning in a long run, to aid middle management with tactical reporting, and help operations with daily decision making to efficiently run a business (Pant 2009). A stakeholder is anybody who has an interest in a particular decision which includes people who influence a decision, or could influence it, as well as those affected by it. Contribution of corporate stakeholders in corporate business intelligence strategy will result in the strategy to be successful as well as yield more positive stakeholders. A corporate business strategy helps business with future planning, aids middle management with tactical planning and also aid operations with daily decision making which is crucial to run the business efficiently (Pant 2009). With input from various stakeholders, this would result in the business strategy to be successfully implemented. User participation, referred to as user who are assigned project roles and task, has been identified as a key role to a successful…
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