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Case analysis of “Business Intelligence Software at SYSCO” Chenwei Liu What is Business Intelligence (BI)? BI is the way that using modern data warehouse technology, online analytical processing, and data mining to analysis the data then achieve business value. As a tool, BI is used to deal with the existing data in the enterprise, and convert it into knowledge, analysis and conclusions, and then help the decision-maker to make a right and wise decision. In the "Business Intelligence Software at SYSCO" case, SYSCO plans to use the BI software supplied by Business Objects to improve the ability of manage and analyze the data of whole company including all the operating companies. With the advanced way of data analysis, it’s easier for…show more content…
4.What implementation challenges should Twila Day expect and how should she proceed? The biggest challenge Twila Day faced is which software modules should be chosen. There are three options. One option is to purchase the minimum number of licenses and software components. This option would provide a good start, but SYSCO would probably need to buy more licenses at a higher price within six months. The second option is to provide broader access to the business intelligence information throughout SYSCO. This option would cover SYSCO for the next 9–12 months, but the company would probably need to license additional software in about a year. The third option was to take advantage of the volume discount that Business Objects would provide if SYSCO licensed all of the software now that it planned to use in the next two years. The first option’s total charge is 2,535,880 dollars, the second option’s charge is 3,074,980 dollars and the third option’s charge is 3,401,020 dollars. How to choose the software module is a big challenge for Twila Day. The first one cost least in the beginning but may cost more subsequently. The third one cost most at the beginning and it provide a discount and no more charge later on but buying too much license may be a waste of money. So the most important thing Day should pay attendance to be to predict how many licenses the company will use in the future. The best way for Day to solve this problem is survey what demand the

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