Business Intelligence Solutions : An Organization

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Business intelligence solutions is a set of tools and techniques that are designed to transform the decision making process of an organization. It uses a variety of software to analyze an organization raw data. It is built on the existing investments so that the employees can get access to current and accurate information. IBM is an example of the modern organizations that are offering virtually everything that a business may require in terms of software, hardware to industry specific applications (IBM, 2014). This chapter will compare and contrast how different organization employ business intelligent solutions, how the dash boards may help average users , the role it play in a competitive advantage and organizational strategy and more so how Big data and business intelligence work.

Business Intelligence Solutions
How organizations benefits from business intelligence solutions. Business intelligence solutions are very significant to an enterprise performance and capabilities at all levels. They help the business to be more efficient, identify new business opportunities and spot areas of cost savings. Timely access to relevant information has been a hindrance to many business successes. The management is always necessitated to base its decision on the full range of information available but the business always has a huge amount of data (IBM, 2014). Due to the current escalating competition that is eroding the business loyal customers, they are required to install
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