Business Intelligence Strategy at Canadian Tire

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Business Intelligence Strategy at Canadian Tire The Retail group has just sent me another quick win request, stated Michael Eubanks, director of marketing information technology (IT), as he walked into his meeting with Andy Wnek, chief information officer (CIO) of Canadian Tire Corporation (CTC). That’s the second one this week, and I have heard whispers about more. Dealing with these quick wins is going to make it difficult to redevelop the business intelligence (BI) infrastructure. That’s where the real return on investment (ROI) is. Over the last year, the IT group at CTC had promoted a strategic initiative to deliver real business value from business intelligence (BI) over the next three years. A massive change effort…show more content…
As CIO, Wnek was responsible for overseeing the information systems (IS) of the entire enterprise, but not within the associate dealers stores. The BI initiative, while important to the organization overall, was primarily associated with CTR, and it represented one of many IS initiatives competing for CTC support and funding based on the new 2003 IT Strategy 2003. Figure 1 provides an organizational chart of the senior management at CTC and CTR. Figure 1: Organizational chart of Canadian Tire Corporation and Canadian Tire Retail 1 Source:, accessed August 22, 2003. Information Systems at CTC and The New IT Strategy for 2003 to 2005 The Web of businesses comprising CTC was accompanied by a highly complex technical architecture (see Figure 2 for an overview of their organization). A recent enterprise technology review revealed a multitude of hardware, software, operating systems, network services, development tools and applications being utilized across the business. Figure 2: Canadian Tire Corporation enterprise technology overview For example, CTR ran IBM AS/400 systems at the store level with point-of-sale (POS) systems and servers that networked to IBM mainframe systems at the CTR data centre. These systems were funded 50 per cent by CTR and were supported by the retail systems group at CTC. The systems at Mark‘s Work Wearhouse still remained entirely separate from

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