Business Intelligence Tool : Micro Strategy

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IT602 – Research Seminar
Business Intelligence Tool
Neelima Racherla Krishna
Minnesota State University, Mankato
CONTENT Name of the Topic
1. Abstract
2. Introduction
3. Architecture of Micro Strategy
4. Features
5. Platforms and Capabilities
6. Evaluation with other BI tools
7. Basic Comparisons on User reviews
8. Advantages and Disadvantages
9. Conclusion
10. ReferencesAbstract
Business Intelligence plays a major role in decision making and provide data driven decision Systems. The potential edges of business intelligence programs embrace fast and up call making; optimizing internal business processes, also with increasing operational efficiency and driving new revenues; and gaining competitive benefits over business rivals. metal systems can even facilitate firms establish market trends and spot business issues that require to be self-addressed.
A unified platform for analytics enterprise ,with desktop version , mobile, and security.A powerful, versatile platform. MicroStrategy is made to alter organizations to quickly deploy subtle analytical and security applications at scale. Our platform design is unambiguously suited to deliver high performance applications and meet the business intelligence demands of each user and each organization
BI information will embrace historical data, in addition as new information gathered from supply systems because it is generated, enabling metal analysis to support each strategic and military science…
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