Business Intelligence Vs. Business Analytics Essay

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Business Intelligence VS Business Analytics
Business Intelligence is needed to run the business while Business Analytics are needed to change the business. - Pat Roche, Vice President of Engineering, Noetix Products
Business intelligence and analytics (BIA), a term coined in 1989, has gained much reaction in the IT practitioner community and academia over the past two decades. BIA refers to: (1) the technologies, systems, practices, and applications that (2) analyze critical business data to (3) help an enterprise better understand its business and market (research paper).
Traditionally, business intelligence (BI) has been used as an umbrella term to describe the concepts and methods to improve business decision making by using fact-based decision support systems. BI also includes the underlying architectures, tools, databases, applications, and methodologies. BI’s major objectives are to enable interactive and easy access to diverse data, enable manipulation and transformation of these data, and provide business managers and analysts the ability to conduct appropriate analyses and perform the actions [Turban et al. 2008; Wixom et al. 2011]. Successful BI initiatives have been reported for major industries, from healthcare and airlines, to major IT and telecommunication firms [Anderson-Lehman et al. 2004; Carte et al. 2005; Turban et al. 2008].
As a datacentric approach, BI heavily relies on the various advanced data collection, extraction, and analysis
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