Business Intelligence and Technology

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Introduction In modern business, vast amounts of data are accumulated, which makes the decision-making process complicated. It is a major mutual concern for all business and IT sector companies to change the existing situation of "mass data, poor knowledge" and support better business decision-making and help enterprises increase profits and market share. Business intelligence technologies have emerged at such challenging times. Business today has compelled the enterprises to run different but coexisting information systems. ETL plays an important role in BI project today. ETL stands for extraction, transformation and loading. ETL is a process that involves the following tasks: Extracting data from source operational or archive systems which are the primary source of data for the data warehouse; transforming the data - which may involve cleaning, filtering, validating and applying business rules; loading the data into a data warehouse or any other database or application that houses data. ETL Tools provide facility to extract data from different non-coherent systems, transform (cleanse & merge it) and load into target systems. The main goal of maintaining an ETL process in an organization is to migrate and transform data from the source OLTP systems to feed a data warehouse and form data marts. ETL process is the basis of BI and it is a prime decisive factor for success or failure of BI. Today, the organization has a wide variety of ETL tools to choose from market.
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