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Business Intelligence at Canadian Tire The overall purpose of Business Intelligence systems and software is to manage and analyze data in a manner that would support effective decision making. The BI initiative could help Canadian Tire to manage and analyze its data in a way that would allow the company to consolidate and integrate some of its information systems. The information provided in the case indicates that CTC is operating and supporting many different operation systems, mainframes, hardware platforms, database management systems, production applications and desktop-based application and tools. Consolidating and integrating some of these systems would assist CTC not only in managing data more effectively, but also in cutting…show more content…
When facing the challenge of implementation time for the new system, we would first want to come up with a timeline that would efficiently meet the needs of CTC. As the reading “The Quest for Customer Focus” mentioned, implementing new systems and using the data that is collected in a way that is beneficial and meaningful to the organization can take a long time—sometimes even years. For example, it took Continental Airlines more than four years just to reach the communal coordination stage. In the long run, however, the investment of time and resources will pay off if the system is successful. In looking at the quick win requests, however, we would likely want respond to the requests that seemed to be the most in line with business goals simply because it the amount of time doing so may take away from the BI system being ready. Canadian Tire Corporation’s organizational structure can be divided into five main parts: Canadian Tire Retail (CTR), Canadian Financial Services (CTFS), Canadian Tire Petroleum (CTP), PartSource, and Mark’s Work Wearhouse. Each of these five components of CTC can then be broken down a step further. CTR operates 430 stores, with an automotive, sports and leisure, and home products “mini store” in each. This sector was a retail store, but CTC’s retail division was

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