Business Is Developing For Competitive Advantage

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This research will answer the question “How e-business is developing for competitive advantage to provide profit maximization to DELL’s online business? To answer this question the research will review the initial period of Dell’s business and the effectiveness of those strategies and models. Then the market situation and business competitiveness and challenges faced in lieu of those situations will be quickly analysed to understand Dell’s management decision of creating Dell’s online business. Finally, the research will answer how the development of e-business allowed business to be more competitive by profit maximization. Following are the sub-questions identified for the research: I. What are the strategies used by DELL to gain…show more content…
The explanatory nature of the research means that an explanation will be provided at the end of the data analysis that, indeed, the advent of online platforms for business use has increased the competitive ability of businesses. Interpretivist theory will be used because it requires the data collection in the form of observations and interview and then such a conclusion has to be gleaned from the data that the research theorem, of e-business evolution helping businesses stay competitive, is proven (Chowdhury, 2014). 2.2. Research Approach: Research approach describes the way we go about explaining the research topic or answering the research question. Research approach being inductive means that the observation is given at the start and all the data collected from questionnaires, surveys and secondary sources is used to prove the observation. This approach can be visualized as a bottom up approach where a pattern is identified from the observation and that pattern leads to a tentative hypothesis and theory. In contrast, the deductive approach of research relies on the data collection and data analysis to conclusively point to a result. Deductive approach can be looked upon as a top down approach where the reasoning moves from generalizations to specific results. This research will use inductive approach, as our observation has been made in the research question that e-businesses
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