Business Is Tax And Accounting Services

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1.0. Executive Summary
A family accounting firm based in the US. SamPet Financial Services was founded by Mrs. Petrolina Ofori-Mensah February 2015. Our main business is tax and accounting services. SamPet Financial Services serves the accounting and financial needs of businesses and individuals to enable them to realize their financial goals. SamPet is rich in the latest software and technologies and financial advice that will support our clients in making their financial choices. Our target market includes:
Established businesses that value an accounting firm that offers comprehensive business planning services, particularly those in the medical/health, dental, and lodging industries.
Growing businesses that need our services now and
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2.0. Company description
SamPet Financial Services offers a unique team of CPAs and a professional accounting and bookkeeping staff with established expertise as business consultants. We do more than prepare taxes. We also provide a variety of valuable services that enable a business to improve their profitability and minimize their tax exposure. We will work to offer our services in an innovative manner to create a source for business planning solutions that will be difficult to outdo.
2.1. Our Services
Our services offer expertise to enable our clients to better realize their financial objectives. Accomplishing this for our clients falls into these basic service areas:
Business Services
 Financial Reporting
 Financing
 Bookkeeping
 Tax Services
 Business Planning
 Cash and credit management
 Employee Compensation and Benefit Plans

Individual services
 Tax Services
 Tax Controversy Representation
 Financial Planning

2.2. Location
SamPet Financial Services, is located on 460 Lincoln Plaza, in Worcester MA 01605

3.0. Financial plan
Since SamPet Financial Services is a fairly new company, the following schedule highlights the predicted developmental costs and the first year project expenditures.
• The firm will have an annual revenue growth of about 10% per year.
• The owner will acquire $70,000 of debt funds to develop the business.
• The loan will have a ten year term with a 9% interest rate.
3.1. Start-up costs
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