Business Is The Organization Of Conducting Business

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1.0 Introduction E-Business is the organisation of conducting business by means of the web. According to the Retail Week (Bowden, 2015), online sales have developed by 14% from 2013 to 2014 with it surpassing £100bn. The expanding popularity of online retail predicts that online sales are predicted to increase by 12% in 2015. This report will explore the future for retailers like Marks and Spencer and the key characteristics required for continued successful operations. 2.0 Findings A bricks and clicks business model is one where a business conducts business both offline and online. The word ‘bricks’ refers to doing business in person and the word ‘clicks’ refers to online purchases and transactions. According to the E-Commerce Times…show more content…
As it can be seen in Figure 1, there has been a constant rise in online click and collect sales. This could be due to the benefits that online click and collect offers customers with as well as the luxury of online purchasing. For instance, customers are not charged postage for their order as it is distributed straight to the store. Not only does this save money, it also avoids the hassle of missed home conveyance. Also, the usage of online click and collect ordering permits busy customers to cut in-store shopping completely out of their agendas in order to save time. Ordering online means that in-store pickup is quick and simple, and can be accomplished within just a few minutes. Moreover, the service completely eliminates the disappointment of not being able to find products in stores because of low stock levels as items are in stock online and are available for shipping. This results in eliminating the need for trips to numerous shops. (Figure 2) Figure 2 shows online shopping activities performed by various devices from August 2014 to October 2014. The graph above shows that 82% of the internet users that were part of the survey used their PCs to shop online whereas 27% of the internet users utilised their smartphones to place orders on the web. Mintel (2014) proposes that shoppers are cautious about submitting
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