Business Is The Organization Of Conducting Business

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1.0 Introduction
E-Business is the organisation of conducting business by means of the web. According to the Retail Week (Bowden, 2015), online sales have developed by 14% from 2013 to 2014 with it surpassing £100bn. The expanding popularity of online retail predicts that online sales are predicted to increase by 12% in 2015. This report will explore the future for retailers like Marks and Spencer and the key characteristics required for continued successful operations.
2.0 Findings
A bricks and clicks business model is one where a business conducts business both offline and online. The word ‘bricks’ refers to doing business in person and the word ‘clicks’ refers to online purchases and transactions. According to the E-Commerce Times (Regan, 2001), the bricks and clocks business model has many advantages. For one, it allows establishments to benefit from doing online business that can achieve a massive customer population. Additionally, the article points out that consumers were content with the effectiveness and flexibility involved with online purchases and so the business method gives companies a competitive advantage. (Figure 1)
In Figure 1, Mintel (2014) demonstrates the estimated value of online click and collect orders (including VAT) from 2012 to 2015. In 2012, £2.6bn was made because of online click and collect deals. This increased by just about half in 2013, bringing the sales made up to £3.9bn. In 2014, £5.6bn was made which was a 42% rise from 2013. From…
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