Business Issues And Goals For Pharm Universe

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Question 1:- What are the most important business issues and goals for Pharm Universe?
Solution 1:-
Business Issues
a) Pharm Universe 's existence and success revolve around intellectual property (IP). There is very high competition in the pharmaceutical industry. Pharma Universe’s biggest concern is the security of the “Intellectual Property” which is required to produce new drugs. If this information is leaked to the competitors then that can be a huge advantage for them as not only it will save their investments (both time and money) in R&D, but it will also significantly reduce the market share of Pharma Universe from a new product as the company won’t have any unique drug formula left with it.
b) Pharm Universe has a very small IT security unit which mainly focuses on the basic security measures such as Firewalls and Intrusion Prevention Systems (ISPs). The current situation of Pharm Universe demands for a well planned and organized Information Security Structure to reduce or, if possible, eliminate the risks related to the creation, handling and storage of “Intellectual Property”.
c) Another major issue is that not many people from executive management and research department know much about information security. This situation asks for several security training sessions for both management and staff so as to create more awareness about the security.
a) The main goal of Pharm Universe is to constantly come up with new Drug Formulas so that it can continue to
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