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Today, financial journalism has taken the centrestage. Economic decision making is decentralised to the extent that it has never been before. This has made economic coverage an all the more sensitive affair. The Indian economy was liberalised in 1991 and its doors ere thrown open to multinational corporations. Consequently, a large number of tie-ups with foreign companies were witnessed. This led to the emergence and growth of more economic newspapers and periodicals. Even the existing ones expanded. They changed their newsprint, design and presentation. The general newspapers started devoting more pages to cover various aspects of the economy. The electronic media stared telecasting special programmes on industry,
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Now there is a potpourri of choices. News organizations open to trying a variety of ways of doing things have it right. Business journalists willing to try different ways of telling stories are on target as well.
BUSINESS JOURNALISM INVOLVES * Develop an understanding of the role of business * Analyze and write about a company’s financial performance; * find information about private and public companies; * Learn how to evaluate corporate press releases; * Understand how a company is structured and the role of executives; * Analyze the relationship between business journalists and companies; * Writing basic business news stories * Explore the relationship between companies and the regulators that oversee them; * Analyze documents ranging from analyst reports to court documents; * Evaluate how financial markets influence companies. * business journalism has to tell a good story and entice the reader with a compelling lead. The best business journalists may use numbers in their leads, but they primarily use words to explain what’s going on. * They write a story, not a balance sheet. The numbers are only there to support the thesis of the writing. * Avoid an overabundance of numbers in one sentence or paragraph * Use short sentences. * Explaining economic jargon in laymen's language helps to get across to different categories of readers *

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