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Question 1 Step 1 The legal issue is whether the element of agreement can be established to form a contract between Jordan and Will. Step 2 Making a contract requires three elements, which are agreement, intention to be legally bound and consideration (Do and Duperouzel, 2014). However, the element of agreement will be discussed here. An agreement is a meeting of the minds of both parties in which they comprehend what essential terms for the contract are. It is made of offer and acceptance. Offer is made by offeror to express the willingness to contract on certain terms, whereas acceptance is the assent to these terms of offeror (Do and Duperouzel, 2014). An offer requires several rules to contract. Firstly, it must be sufficiently…show more content…
Adams sued Lindsell for breach of contract. The court agreed with Adams in accordance with the postal acceptance rule, an agreement was reached the moment Adam posted the letter. Step 3 The question asks about whether the requirements of an agreement are fulfilled to be able to form a legally enforceable contract between Jordan and Will in this case study. The email sent by Will regarding the three-weeks trip to West Indies including flight ticket to West Indies and accommodation in Antigua, Barbuda and Dominica for $12200 is considered promissory and sufficiently complete because it clearly stated the services that Will’s company can provide for a specific price. It is not an invitation to treat as it is made for a particular person, in this case it is Jordan. The offer sent at 11am Monday was also open for a specified period of time, as Will asked Jordan to confirm by post before 12 noon Thursday that same week. Therefore, this email is considered as a valid offer. Jordan was happy with the offer and posted an acceptance letter to Will on that Monday afternoon. It had the same terms with Will’s offer and was made in applicable time of the offer. Therefore that letter is considered an acceptance. Generally, an agreement will be reached when Will receives the acceptance letter of Jordan. Unfortunately, there was an unexpected event that led to the delay of the acceptance letter. By the time Will received the letter, it has already

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