Business Law And Ethics : Backoffice Business Brief

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Business Law and Ethics
BackOffice Business Brief
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Constitutional Rights and Guarantees
BackOffice is a new startup business that will provide potential clients with an application (app) that woul d automate certain business functions. BackOffice will be selling the app to certain business clients that will use it to facilitate their customers’ transactions. It is important that the owner of this company seek the help of a lawyer in ord er to get the proper legal advic e on how to start the business. BackOffice is planning on acquiring clients in order to be come profitable .
Two areas can affect the pot ential clients, their clientele
, the owner of the business, and t he busine ss itself; these areas are s earch and seizure and the right to privacy.
refore, the information that gets entered in to the
app must remain secure and private. These provisions fall under the fourth amendment of the U.S. constitution, which limits the power of the police to exercise arrests, confiscate objects and search people and their property

Understanding Search
Seizure Law
”, n.d.
In other words, these rights afford everyone in the U nited States of America the right to feel secure in person or any for m of per sonal documentation. Search and seizure can only be conducted within reason and a search warrant must be provided before such actions can be…

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