Business Law Assignment : Corporate Law

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BLO2205 - Corporate Law

When we refer to the corporate world, what we are referring to is a world that has an abundance of social interaction caused by the drive to expand and maximize profit.There is a large mix of different social groups when you have CEO 's, clients, employee 's and many other people who can be part of a business directly or indirectly. All these different groups of people under the banner of the corporate world are required to present them selves in a certain manner to show professionalism which in turn allows their business to achieve its interests in a respectful manner. These people hold a legal and ethical relationship with certain parties due to the fact that they all entrust each others money ( Due to the specific existence of the relationships between businesses and law people with much greater responsibility are placed in a fiduciary position to ensure the workers in positions below them perform to the best of their ability (Austin R & Ramsay I, 2012). They take it upon themselves to control the money of all the parties involved, by doing this they are not only executives but consumers who are obliged to use their extensive skills and knowledge in a legal and respectful manner, however having these skills leaves others who are not as skillful and knowledgeable susceptible to being unintentionally exploited. The
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