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Victoria University College of Law and Justice Business Law BLO1105: Semester 2, 2017 Assignment QUESTION 1 Lianne, a wealthy property developer, wants to treat her friends by hosting and paying for a mid-year party on 30 July. She wishes to outsource the party arrangements to a professional organiser and searches the internet for one. The following advertisement on the website of catches her eye: On 10 June the following email exchanges occur. Lianne emails Mary setting out her requirements for a Malaysian themed party including that country’s high quality ethnic food and drink, and live Joget and Zapin styles of music provided by musicians. She expects twenty people in her group, and asks for a quote. She tells Mary to direct all correspondence to her given email address. In reply, Mary emails Lianne suggesting that the party be held on board a boat that will travel up and down the local river for a period of eight hours. Lianne responds immediately saying she likes the idea provided there is room on board for dancing, and enquires about the type of boat that will be used. Three hours later, Mary emails Lianne with information about the boat and attaches a detailed quote for the amount of $10,000. Lianne replies that the quote seems a bit high and proposes a price of $9,500. In response, Mary approves this lower price on the condition that her new quote for the lower figure would only remain open for seven days, and provided a 10% non-refundable deposit was received in that time-frame. As added encouragement, she writes, ‘I really hope to hear from you soon’. Lianne’s personal commitments distract her from responding to Mary’s last email. It is only on 20 June, that she contacts Mary again and on that date, the following exchanges occur. Lianne sends Mary an email saying ‘go ahead with my party for $9,500. I’ll forward the deposit to you by the tomorrow’. Mary replies, ‘Sorry, but the price is now $10,000 due to increased costs’. Annoyed by this, Lianne writes, ‘You’re actually bound by your $9,500 offer. But I don’t want to quibble. So go ahead with the $10K deal’. Thirty minutes later, Lianne has a change of heart and sends another email to Mary stating,

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