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Business Law Case Study Module 4 PLAINTIFF'S STATEMENT: The Parties – Alex Johnson vs. Bethlehem Ice Solutions Opening Argument Those familiar with skiing know that there are risks involved when one chooses to participate in the sport. Those risks, however, should be associated with self-inflicted harm caused by mistakes that a skier may make and not unforeseen obstacles and dangerous situations. The injuries sustained by Alex Johnson on the slopes at Bethlehem Ice Solutions (BIS) were not self-inflicted; far from it. They were the result of negligence on the part of BIS who failed to mark boundaries that separates the slopes and caused Craig to crossover onto another slope, walking directly into Alex’s path and colliding into…show more content…
Craig admitted to his breach of duty of care and settled a suit with the plaintiff Alex Johnson. Craig is the only one liable in this incident, not the ski resort or its employees. Both employees acted professionally and chose the best slope based on his skill level. Key Facts of the Case Alex Johnson was injured as a result of Craig's negligence, which he admitted to and settled. Alex's injuries were not caused by Bethlehem Ice Solutions. There is a clear case for contributory negligence, because both skiers were at fault, Alex for the assumption of risk and Craig for breach of duty of care because he failed to take precautions on the ski slopes. BIS should not be held responsible for Craig's inability to handle the slope and his decision to take it upon himself to walk onto another slope that required more experience. A reasonable person would have concluded that the best way to exit a slope was to follow the path of that slope to avoid the risk of injury to themselves and other skiers. BIS did not breach duty of care because according to "N.Y. GOB. LAW 18-105: NY Code -Section 18-105: Duties of skiers" 10-11, each skier shall have the duty not to willfully stop on any slope or trail where such stopping is likely to cause a collision with other skiers or vehicles and to yield to other skiers when entering a trail or starting downhill. Craig neglected his duty to both. Damages

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