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Legal Issues in Management Final Case Study Christine Stout Southern Oregon University Business law – case study The case study of John and Stacey has so many complicated elements that apparently all the stakeholders involved apart from the two mentioned could sue or be sued against. This paper assumes that this is the scenario for this paper. The characters involved are John and Stacy, a restaurant owner, the owner of a townhouse, the owner of the mink on which John tripped and subsequently resulted in a hip fracture, a blasting contractor, and the customer who accidently cut an expensive painting. From John’s point of view: John apparently took Stacey to an expensive restaurant to impress her. The menu did not quote the prices…show more content…
The blast startled him and caused the knife to jump off his hands and tear a valuable painting owned by the restaurant. His view could naturally be that it was an accident. The blasting contractor’s point of view: He had apparently taken every precaution to protect people and buildings in the locality. He was also experienced in handling explosives. But an unexpected gust of wind had shifted the position of the dynamite resulting in damage (broken glass) to the restaurant. It was beyond his power to anticipate the gust of wind and its power to shift the position of the dynamite. The townhouse owner’s point of view: An apparent agreement was made between John and the owner even though, John’s offer was accepted through a nod and a wink. The wink could be a sign that John could have some fun with Stacey at his house. The owner could sue and be awarded damages if he could prove that an legally binding agreement through a nod will suffice. John vs. restaurant owner: It is assumed from the case study that John’s credit card was charged with a total amount of nine hundred dollars since he had given it to the waiter even before the bill was presented. When John studied the bill, the restaurant owner insulted him and challenged him to go to court. If John does sue the restaurant owner, several questions can be raised here. It can be said that both parties, the restaurant owner and John, had

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