Business Law Contract Paper

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CONTRACT REVIEW ASSIGNMENT Instructor: Barb Eccles Business Law 3051-FA Matthias Majerczyk Due Date: Tuesday, November-27-2012 BigCo Agreement for Exchange of Confidential Information 2) Most people who have positions in a corporation are employees under the legal entity. So, therefore Really Smart Guy is the Vice-President and an employee of BigCo Limited. BigCo can use confidential draft patent application and some confidential information to compete with III. This is according to paragraph 4, “BigCo can use III’s ideas, concepts, know-how and techniques for its own business activities to compete with III, only if III’s Information is retained in the memories of BigCo’s employees who have had access to the Information under the…show more content…
And verbal disclosure of confidential information must be followed by a written summary of the conversation marked “Confidential,” and to be delivered to the recipient within thirty days of the conversation (relate to any subject matter set out in Schedule “A” herein) 7b) I think that RBI would have a harder time proving what information was covered in the RBI Agreement, if Snoopy Weasel violated the Agreement as compared to Question 6 situation. I would also like to add that III would actually have it easier to prove than RBI, because comparing the two Agreements; BigCo Agreement and RBI Agreement, the BigCo Agreement is easier to read, it is clear and there are no weird clauses and terms (except for the weird survival clause) as opposed to the RBI Agreement, which is long, too many weird terms, and sometimes the wording is unclear. 8) A waiver clause establishes the party’s ability to enforce terms of agreement in spite of that party’s silence, inaction, or certain other types of conduct under the contract. Waivers are included in agreements because it clarifies exactly what constitutes an intentional relinquishment of a contractual right by a party. Typically, these clauses make it an express requirement that the waiver be in writing before it will constitute a true waiver.
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