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Luke, an ABC employee, is currently working on a land development project consisting of building an adult entertainment store in a neighborhood where Luke’s brother, Owen, lives. Luke knows that Owen has been considering selling his home but that he is putting it off expecting the real estate market to improve in a few years, yet Luke knows that the project will cause the opposite effect.
Luke’s ethical issue is that because of his morals he is unsure of what he should do. He feels that the right thing to do is share information about ABC’s project and how it will reduce the value of the neighborhood homes, including Owen’s. But, he also knows that he is obligated to keep this information confidential until the company
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He needs to consider that his telling Owen about the adult entertainment store may not have the effect he wants. There may be a high possibility that his brother puts the house up for sale before the construction on the project begins, but that doesn’t mean that the house will sell for the price he wants or that it will sell at all. Also, what if his telling his brother causes a complete different problem? What if his brother tells others in the neighborhood and this causes the residents of the area to petition the ban of this adult entertainment store in the neighborhood, causing a bigger problem? These consequences would definitely not produce the greatest good for everyone involved.
Universal Ethics
In considering Kant’s views on universal ethics for this situation, then I would have to consider Kant’s two requirements of consistency and reversibility, in order for Luke’s actions to be universal. Luke would have believe that everyone has the right to know when an adult entertainment store is being built in their neighborhood and that would justify Luke or anyone in his situation to ignoring the company confidentiality obligations and it would give Luke the right to tell his brother of the building project going up in the neighborhood.
Based on utilitarian reasoning I would suggest that Luke say nothing about the adult entertainment store to his brother, even though this may be hard for him because of his morals and his
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