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Application of Law to the Facts: In light of all the facts based upon the law relating to nondisclosure agreements (NDA’s), a court most likely would rule in favor of Greene's Jewelry. This ruling comes from the matters of breaking legal contracts. NDA’s are legal binding contracts. Ms. Jennifer Lawson breached the confidentiality agreement/contract, that she was required to sign upon working for Greene's, when she took secret information to multiple competing jewelers. The agreement was a valid bi­lateral contract which was expressed in writing. To qualify as a contract, a set of promises must be based on a voluntary agreement, which is made up of an offer and an acceptance of that offer. Any court will need to know the terms each…show more content…
This is unlike the product Howell’s produces, which have caused disfiguring rashes. Greene’s product affords them the benefit of the doubt from their industry and community at large. The defendant’s contention is derived on circumstantial evidence, meaning that there is no direct evidence to show that Greene’s explicitly terminated her employment based solely on her pregnancy. Greene’s should attempt to be proactive by letting the public know that Ms. Lawson’s 3 years of outstanding work should not go without notice. Additionally, the plaintiff should plan to publicly announce their unfortunate situation which has caused the need to downsize and eliminate the positions held by all junior executive secretaries. As a showing of good faith it may also be in the company’s best interest to offer severance packages for their displaced former employees to help them along as they move on to the next stage of their careers. Letting the public know that they care and are truly saddened by having to let their employees go will play on sentiment and may help to bring the public to Greene’s side, thus reducing their reputational risk. Greene’s also needs to look into how they keep their secrets in the future. Confidentiality or nondisclosure agreements ("NDAs") are widely used but often poorly reasoned or inadequately implemented. When are they

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