Business Law : Fries And Lies, With A Side Of Oj

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Luke Endres
Business Law

Fries and Lies, With a Side of OJ

In this paper I will be talking about the events and proposed evidence that caused O.J. simpson to be convicted of the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. Due to the nature of the case and the outcome, it is considered the most controversial and talked about trial of the last 20 years. It all started on June 12th, 1994 (3 days after I was born, coincidence?) when a single male entered into Nicole Brown Simpson’s (O.J.’s current ex-wife) condominium on Bundy Drive through the back entrance. In a “nearly enclosed area near the front gate”, Nicole was feverishly slashed, almost slicing her head off from her neck. The male then proceed to struggle with and
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Police worked with Robert Shapiro, OJ’s lawyer, to come to an agreement that OJ was to turn himself in to police headquarters by 10 o’clock on June 17th, the day after Nicole’s funeral. OJ did not show up and Police informed Shapiro that they would be on their way to OJ’s house to get him. When they arrived to Simpson’s Brentwood home, they found no OJ, but they did find a letter, addressed “To whom it may concern”. I read it, and it contains all the indications of a suicide letter. Very strange was that it was focused on OJ and Nicole, and their relationship. He mentioned “ I 'm sorry for the Goldman family. I know how much it hurts.”, but besides that it wasn’t focused on how he did or did not murder Nicole, (although he claims “First, everyone understand I have nothing to do with Nicole 's murder”) but his life and relationships with others. After this, OJ set out in his friend’s white Bronco, complete with handgun, fake beard, $8,750, and passport. Headed to where? My dad says Mexico but I could not find any confirmation of a direction. The police got word of OJ from a motorist in Orange County who spotted him in his friend’s vehicle. The chase was very slow, even with multiple police cars and a helicopter, and ended with OJ’s arrest in his own driveway. The prosecution’s mistake, which could be completely argued as deciding the outcome of this case, was to file the case in downtown district rather than in

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