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Grocery, Inc. Located in Any State, U.S.A Grocery, Inc. is a retail grocery store with locations all over the United States of America (U.S.A.). Tom Green and Jeff fresh work for the store located in My Town, U.S.A. Tom is the produce manager and Jeff, 17 years old, is working for Tom in the produce department. The first scenario is the contract between Grocery, Inc. and Masterpiece Construction for the renovation of the store located on Main Street in My Town, U.S.A. The second scenario is an underage contract between Jeff and Smooth Sales Used Cars. The third scenario is a breach of contract and/or promissory estopple between Tom Green and Harry. The fourth scenario is regarding an e-commerce contract between George and Grocery, Inc.…show more content…
Attorney John Roska’s column in Saint Louis Post-dispatch answers questions to a similar situation, the article states that a minor can cancel a contract at anytime for any reason as long as the minor informs the other party about canceling the contract and returns the car. After the minor returns the car, the other party must return the money received for the car since the car has been returned (Roska, 2007). Smooth could sue Jeff Fresh for fraud because Jeff did not inform Smooth of his age though it would not make it far in the courts due to a minor does not have a full understanding of contracts which is why the contract would be unenforceable. Smooth may be fined for not taking the necessary steps in checking age and not gaining the permission of the minor’s parents, or placing the contract in the parents’ names. Some legal and equitable remedies that may be used are compensatory damages, liquidated damages, and special performance. Compensatory damages are when the party whom the breach happened to gets compensated for the remainder of the contract as if the contract would have played out though the contract was never enforceable due to Jeff being a minor. If Smooth had written action which may happen if the contract was breached is considered liquated damages, Smooth may try to get Jeff’s parents to pay the remainder of the balance. Special performance means the person whom

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